George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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John McCain's Political Downfall - He Sold His Soul To George W. Bush In 2004


How McCain Dishonored All Those Who Served In The Vietnam War By Campaigning For AWOL George W. Bush Instead Of Hero John F. Kerry

As we all know, John McCain campaigned heavily for the Republican Draft Dodger Ticket of George W. Bush and Dick "Five Deferment" Cheney in their campaign against bona fide Vietnam War Veteran Hero John Kerry.
How could John McCain, who spent many years being tortured by "Godless Communists as a POW," support the AWOL combat dodging Bush? Easy, he is nothing more than a politician with no real principles.
As much as McCain and his handlers would like to deny it, McCain did not have the character to stand up to Bush to demand that the Bush Campaign stop their unsavory and disgusting attacks on John Kerry's military record.  Instead, he cowered and campaigned with Bush all over the country.   
McCain obviously wants to become the Republican nominee for President in 2008. He is so ambitious that he sold his soul to W in 2004.  Along the way, he dishonored every single soldier who ever was awarded a Purple Heart. 
Does a person of so little character deserve to be President? No Way!

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