George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Robertson The Killer

Evangelical Bush supporter Pat Robertson has called for the assasination of the democratically elected President of  Venezuala.  Onward Christian Hitmen!  
Robertson is the founder of the right-wing Christian Coalition and the talking head of the 700 Club which bilks poor ignorant true believers with fundraising gimmicks.   Robertson is also a big donor to the Republican party, a former Republican candidate for president, and close personal friends with the Christian-in-Chief and Virginia Senator George Allen. 
Among his many claims to fame, Robertson was consulted on foreign policy by the big bad W before the invasion of Iraq. Robertson is one of the boyz in the Republican Hood and has addressed the delegates at several Republican National Conventions.  In essense, Pat the Preacher is the new Republican Party of George Bush.
So after the Iraq debacle, is it any surprise that the Bush Bible thumping Robertson would suggest that the United States  "take out" Venezualan President Chavez just because Pat  disagrees with his policies? 
Not really. 
It has been suggested that the idea for the hit came to Pat when he met with several Catholic leaders recently at Umbertos in Little Italy.  The Catholic Bishops and Pat were discussing the storied past when many a rival Pope "took out" the opposition.  The discussion soon turned to the relationship between the Mafia and how the priests in New York often took the confessions of mob hit men and absolved them of their sins with a few dozen Hail Marys. Bingo - if it is good enough for the Holy Church why not the United States.  
As they sipped expresso, the Bishops introduced Pat to some of the boyz from the hood and the plan was launched.
Others have suggested that Preacher Pat's recent discovery of Islam's Fatwa policies led to the statement.  More to come!

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