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George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure


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The Bush Idiocracy Continues and Continues

In an interview two days after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, President Bush  on Good Morning America said, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." He added, "Now we're having to deal with it, and will."

It has been common knowledge for several decades that the levees of New Orleans could not survive a Class Three hurricane.  FEMA knew it, the Department of Homeland Security knew it, and the Army Corps of Engineers knew it.  Most of the people in New Orleans knew, why didn't Georgie know it?

But wait, Georgie did know it and now it is clear that yet again the Christian in Chief lied to the American People.  Newspapers across the country are now spreading the news this March 2, 2006 that the President knew of the danger and was caught on video tape before the storm hit being told of the levee risk.  Not only did Geogie get caught lying again to save his sorry ass from the real story that he was a disengaged leader on a five week vacation before Katrina and 9/11, his homeland security chief lied to Congress!   Of course, everyone knew the levees would give way if a storm the size of Katrina hit New Orleans!  

The Times-Picyune reported in 1999 that:

Army Corps of Engineers officials say hurricane levees in the New Orleans area will protect residents from a Category 3 hurricane moving rapidly over the area. But computer models indicate even weaker storms could find chinks in that armor.

New York Times Article noted: 

The debate over New Orleans's vulnerability to hurricanes has raged for a century. By the late 1990's, scientists at Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans had perfected computer models showing exactly how a sea surge would overwhelm the levee system, and had recommended a set of solutions. The Army Corps of Engineers, which built the levees, had proposed different projects. Mark Fischetti , NYT September 2, 2005

The LA Times Editorial of September 2, 2005 responded to Bush's idiotic comments noting that:

"In fact, emergency planners have been thinking about a catastrophic levee breach for years. Many saw it as an inevitable consequence of a high-powered hurricane such as Katrina hitting the city. And in early 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said that one of the three most likely disasters to strike the U.S. was a catastrophic flood triggered by a hurricane hitting New Orleans. (The other two: a terrorist attack on New York and a major earthquake in San Francisco.)"

It also noted that:

"Still, much of what happened this week in New Orleans had been foreseen by federal and state emergency planners, as the city's newspaper, the Times-Picayune, laid out extensively three years ago. "Survivors will end up trapped on roofs, in buildings or on high ground surrounded by water, with no means of escape and little food or fresh water, perhaps for several days," one story predicted with eerie accuracy."

Question of the Second Term: Is Bush really as stupid as he seems or is he just a pathological liar!

The "Brownie is doing a heck of a job" quote just days before he was relieved of command of the FEMA response is pretty good evidence that Bush's can tell a lie to the American public. Here are some other statements that might shed light on the Christian in Chief's veracity.

So lets see, FEMA projects 3 major disasters in early 2001:

1. Terrorist Attack on New York City.  Well, FEMA got this one right! Shortly after the prediction, 9/11 happened.

BUSH RESPONSE -  We never anticipated that terrorist would fly planes into big buildings in New York City.  Just never ocurred to anyone.  Hello? 3000+ Americans died.

2. Hurricane hits New Orleans, Levees Break, City
Flooded, Hundreds of Thousands Homeless.  FEMA two for two.

BUSH RESPONSE: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." 1,000+ Americans reported dead so far and more than 100,000 homeless.

ANYONE NOTICE A PATTERN HERE? Hint: whenever the President forgets to read the material he is given when he is on vacation in Texas, we get the "nobody anticipated" language.  

9/11 = FBI reports Arabs learning to fly big jets + lots of warnings in August + Bush golfing and cuttin' brush in Crawford + ignorant of the series of hijackings occuring on the east coast  while he tries to read a first grade reader. 

Katrina = Bush appoints Horse Trader Michael Brown FEMA Chief + Bush places FEMA under the direction of Homeland Security + Bush continues to vacation as Katrina hits New Orleans and stays on vacation as Citizens are dying in the streets + Bush hasn't read a newspaper in twenty years + attitude that hey if New Orleans is destroyed and rebuilt as a condo-haven for rich white folks then republicans will always win!   

3. Major Earthquake Strikes San Francisco - plausible but unfulfilled as of yet.


In connection with Katrina, we have heard that the Christian-in-Chief and Heir Karl are concerned about losing the gains made among African Americans.  Heir "Bratwurst" Karl advised the President that "white people" made inroads with African Americans through "folk music" during the Civil Rights Movement.  
This has lead to a secret project that some refer to as operation "OLE MAN RIVER."  Efforts are REPORTEDLY underway to have Bush Administration officials "connect" with African Americans through music.  With chief song-writer Aschroft gone, Rove has been trying to fill some mighty big shoes and new press secretary Tony "hit-man" Snow has been called in to assist. 
Snow and Rove are reportedly working on an adaptation of the Dylan classic "Blowing in the Wind" which according to Heir Karl really "connected with the colored folk."  Snow and Karl would not share any drafts of the songwriting effort for fear of being labeled "girly men," but a crumbled piece of paper found in the White House trash bore these words:
How many billions will I have to spend?
To show America that I care?
And how many times must I walk in the muck?
To show folks I'm not such a ....
And how many plates of black-eyed peas must I eat,  
before I can credibly say?
The answer my friend
Dont' know where to begin
It certainly ain't
Blowing in the wind.

W concedes that it will take more than prayers to save the people of the Gulf! 
God be Praised!  

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