George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Bush Nepotism Page

This page is a work in progress that will eventually need the help of all those who know where all the Friends of George, the sons and daughters of Friends of George and  Friends of Pioneers have been placed in government jobs.


Here we see the man who put Bush in the White House - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  This  friend of American Democracy wrote the decision that supported the stopping of counting legal votes in Florida in 2000 as soon as it looked like Gore would overtake Bush.  Accross the page is his son who was rewarded with the job of Soliciter General of the Department of Labor. Personally, I think Antonin could have negotiated a better deal.



Son of Scalia was appointed to the position of Solicitor General of the Department of Labor by W.  Of course, knowing that he was unqualified and was a union-busting corporate anti-labor lawyer in the private sector, W made the appointment while Congress was in recess to avoid any confirmation hearing in the Senate of the United States as required by that pesky U.S. Constitution. 
Qualifications: Son of Antonin Scalia, Justice of the Supreme Court and author of the opinions that awarded the Presidency to George W. Bush.  


Another early appointment was Secretary of State Colin Powell.  what did he get for agreeing to serve the President who humiliated him?  You guessed it, his son Michael was given the position of Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission that regulates all televison and radio in the United States.


Here is the smiling Son of Powell named Michael who was rewarded with the Chairmanship of the Federal Communication Commission.  He is smiling because he got a better deal than Scalia's son.  
Qualifications: Son of Secretary of State Collin Powell.

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