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Republican Idiot of the Week Contest

Republican President, Vice-President, Senators, Congresspersons And Cabinet Officials Vie For "Idiot of the Week Honors"



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Who is the Republican Idiot of the Week?
Welcome to a new feature here at
Each week starting in 2006, we will highlight some of the more idotic moves made by the republican party and its members.  Given that everyday is full of idiotic Republican exploits, it will be difficult to choose a winner. We here at bringiton will do our best!
Week of May 8, 2006 - George W. Bush makes a strong comback with his weekend announcement that none other than the Supreme Commander of the NSA illegal wiretap program and future felon Air Force General Michael Hayden (take it easy boys, I'm a virgin back there) is his choice for the Director of the CIA.  This delights many because it will reinvigorate the debate over the illegal, unconstitutional wiretap activities of George "How Do You Spell Impeach" Bush.  Nevertheless, this is about as incompetent a political move as anyone can make.  Needless to say, some republicans are rip shit about doing this in an election year and only hope that Bush is not stupid enough to take another run at Social Security in September or October 2006.  
Week of May 1, 2006 - Porter Goss stole the show on Friday when he resigned from his post of Director of the CIA and what a story it could be if the mainstream media would only report the truth for a change.  Seems they have bought off on the "bureaucratic power struggle" angle instead of the   incompetance and corruption angle which is the real story. Apparently, it must be the that reporters get their new seats in the West Wing and they are "being nice" to get a good one.
See, Dusty Foggo, the Executive Director of the CIA and hand-picked by good ole Porter has a penchant for cigars and poker.  Problem is that his good buddy Brent Wilkes brided Duke Cunningham and arranged for prostitutes to keep Duke on the straight and narrow.  As the story is unfolding, it is unclear whether Dusty's poker games with Brent included the use of prostitutes in the same room or whether prostitutes entertained the Playas in adjourning rooms.  The Alexandria limo company owned by a guy named "Nine Fingers" who shuffled prostitutes around town for Brent  just so happened to land a multi-million dollar contract with the Department of Homeland Security to provide it with cars, buses and vans.    
Week of March 6,2006 - We welcome the Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee ( a misnomer is there ever was one) to join other republican idiots of the week and especially Senator DeWine (Ohio), Pat Roberts (Kansas) and Lindsey Graham (SC) who are supporting proposed legislation that would make Bush's illegal warrantless wiretapping legal! Of course, the proposed act is unconstitutional as it violates the very heart of the Bill of Rights and the seperation of powers that have been the bedrock of American freedom for 220 years.  
This bill rings of the Alien and Sedition Acts that violated the freedom of press during the Adams presidency and cost him the election of 1800.  The republicans have once again laid down to kiss the feet of George W. Bush who has committed thousands of felonies with his wiretap program.  God help these fools!  

DeWine's bill would — for a time — exempt the president's surveillance program from a 1978 law aimed at governing electronic intelligence collection inside the United States. The proposal, now being circulated on Capitol Hill, would allow the government to monitor suspected terrorists for up to 45 days without first seeking approval from the federal intelligence court. The government would then have three options: stop the surveillance, seek a warrant from the court, or come to Congress to explain why a warrant isn't possible.

Week of February 27,2006 - W is on a winning streak at least in the Repbulican Idiot of the Week Contest. it's only the middle of the week and we already have a winner.  First, W was quoted in the Washington Post as saying that, "The people of Iraq and their leaders must make a choice," Bush said. "The choice is chaos or unity, the choice is a free society, or a society dictated by evil people who would kill innocents. ... Well Georgie finally realizes that our troops will not make the difference of whether Iraq emerges as a true democracy, theocracy or plunges into the depths of a civil war.  Of course, the State Department and the rest of the world knew this before the Iraq War and certainly within a few weeks of the "Missioned Accomplished" speech.  W also finally admitted that his version of the "October Surprise" (the appearance of a bin Laden tape just prior to the 2004 election) helped him win the election. Really? 
The only question left is whether W's advisors had the tape and waited until October to release it or whether the tape was just another re-election hoax.  W then tried to boost our confidence (what a joke) that bin Laden would eventually be captured.  Don't expect it on his watch, W doesn't care and bin Laden's continued fugitive status allows the administration to waste hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and suppress our constitutional rights at home. 
Week of February 20,2006 - The week isn't even over yet but what a week it was.  The Bush Administration is going to let a company owned by the United Arab Emirates (an Arab Country) run the ports of New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans.  Best of all, Bush dropped the security ball again just like he did prior to 9/11.  The clueless one didn't even know about the deal until February 18 even though it was in newspapers a week earlier.   Of course, Homeland Security says it is not a security concern!  Whoa, as the Houston Chronicle noted in a February 23, 2006 article:

A 2004 report from the U.S. commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks found 11 Saudi hijackers had traveled to the United States via the airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and about half the $250,000 spent on the attacks was wired to al-Qaida terrorists in the United States from Dubai banks, authorities said.

And what about the fact that the UAE is a proud supporter of HAMAS which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.  Runner-up status has to go to former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole who has signed a contract to be a lobbyist for the UAE-based company! But can he even convince Libby on this one - even with Viagara on his side!

All this proves yet again, the Bush Administration and Republicans like Bob Dole don't give a shit about national security as long as some republican US investors and lobbyists can make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Week of February 13, 2006 - Hands down winner is Dick "The Shooter" Cheney who sprayed up to 200 bird shot pellets into his hunting buddy while hunting on the ranch of the daughter of a Haliburton Board Member who selected Cheney as CEO.  Although Cheney only admitted to having one beer before the incident, we know better than that.  Gee, no wonder he didn't allow himself to be interviewed until the next day?

Week of February 6, 2006 - This weeks winner is again Alberto Gonzales the inept and sinister Attorney General of the United States who appeared before the Senate Judiciary to try and sell a faulty legal analysis to the much better informed members of that body. Not even Republicans including Specter, Graham, DeWine, or Brownback fell for it.  Of course, all the Democrats knew better.  Gonzales proved himself to be unworthy of the position of Attorney General as he continues to misunderstand even the most fundamental legal issued that the Bush wiretaps are illegal under FISA and the Supreme Court interpretations of the 4th Amendment. 

He was also lying and refused to answer questions that in no way would have divulged any national security interest.  The man is worthless as a lawyer or as a public servant and should crawl back in his rat hole. 

The runner-up was the Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee, who saved Gonzales from potential perjury charges when they failed to make his swear to his statements.

Week of January 30 - President George Bush - More than 30 years after the Arab Oil Embargo of  1973, George Bush in his State of the Union Address recognizes that the United States is "addicted to oil" and that the security of the United States depends upon its reducing its reliance on foreign middle-eastern oil.  What a Genuis, how does he come up with this stuff? 

The public policy of the Democrats and the rest of the industrial world since 1970 has been to reduce reliance on oil and particularly oil from the middle east.  The scariest thing about all of this is that the news media reports this as a brave stance for an administration that is in the oil industry's pocket. 

Whoa - hold on a minute! Bush said nothing about conservation programs or the imposition of requirements on the auto industry.  The only "new ground" Bush and the republicans are breaking is the most recent push to allow drilling in the National Artic Wildlife Refuge.  Mark our words!   

Week of January 23 - Attorney General Alberto "Torture Boy" Gonzales - For the second week in a row, the award has to go to Attorney General Gonzales who continues to try and defend his and President Bush's illegal campaign of wiretaps of American citizens in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the United States Constitution.  Moving from the mass media, Gonzales tried to appear at Georgetown Law School to defend the administation.  Big Mistake Torture Boy!

Instead of appearing before a group of soldiers ordered not to disrespect the administration or the automatons of the Federalist Society, he appeared before intelligent people with sharp legal minds who actually speak up to defend their precious constitutional rights. Torture Boy got what he deserved.  The law students turned their backs on him and carried a banner for the press quoting Benjamin Franklin that read, "THOSE WHO WOULD SACRIFICE LIBERTY FOR SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER." All we can say is "Go Hoyas!"

Week of January 16 - Attorney General Alberto "Torture Boy" Gonzales - Bush, Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales approved illegal wiretaps of Americans so it was only natural that the constitutionally-inept Attorney General  appeared on "Larry King Live" and Fox New’s "Hannity and Combs" show to defend himself and his bosses and lay the groundwork for the defense of their criminal conduct which might result in their respective impeachments or criminal indictments.  

Mission One - Confuse the issue and distract the public by discrediting anyone's assertion that Bush, Gonzales and Condi broke the law.  This weeks victim, Al Gore, who correctly asserted that the president of the United States is violating the law and the Constitution by his warrantless  wiretaps of American citizens.

Rather than provide his worthless and shoddy legal justification for the illegal wiretaps, the ever-ignorant Gonzales tried to hide the ball and accuse Bill Clinton of engaging in illegal conduct.  What a novel and interesting approach - the "Blame It On Bill" excuse.  Gonzales said, "It's my understanding that during the Clinton administration there was activity regarding physical searches without warrants." Gonzales also said that, "the deputy attorney general [under Clinton] testified before Congress that the president does have the inherent authority under the Constitution to engage in physical searches without a warrant.  And so, those would certainly seem to be inconsistent with what the former vice president was saying today." 

What does this have to do with whether or not Bush, Condi and Gonzales broke the law?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

"Torture Boy" Gonzales hardly ever addresses the issues.  And even when he is making a spurious point, he cannot tell the truth.  See, Alberto has a big problem with his memory and the truth.  For instance, he can never remember whether he or Harriet Meyers visited the Air National Guard Base in Texas in 1998 to "review" Bush's records that mysteriously disappeared.

In this case, Torture Boy is wrong on the facts and the law. First of all, every first year law student knows that law enforcement officials have the right to conduct physical searches in limited circumstances without warrants. Secondly,  the specific incident "of warrantless physical searches" during the Clinton Administration occurred 2 years before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was amended to make them illegal.  

One has to wonder whether Alberto ever did attend Harvard and if he did, whether he ever PASSED a constitutional law class.  Gonzales' inept legal advice to Bush has resulted in illegal wiretaps, illegal torture and illegal detainments - each of which constitute crimes under federal law and violate the constitutional rights afforded to citizens. 

A close runner-up was Laura Bush.  But, really,  we expect her to make stupid remarks.  After all, isn’t her marriage enough to establish that she has long been functioning at a diminished capacity? She defended her husband, as quoted in USA Today, "I think the American people expect the United States government and the president to do what they can to make sure there's not an attack by foreign terrorists," and "I think he [W] was worried that it would undermine our efforts by alerting terrorists to what our efforts are." 

Of course, Mrs. George Bush missed the point entirely. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the president can ask for a subpoena from a secret court.

Week of January 9th, 2006
The Winners are the Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee - these clowns actually pushed Bush's Supreme Court nominee (Alito) forward while the President is blatantly violating federal law, his oath of office, and the 4th Amendment of the Constituion! Kudos, boys! The one chance that the Senate has the right, the power and the obligation to say "Stop the Illegal Spying" or else we will not move your nominee forward, they lay down and begged Bush to tread on them.  Heir Doctor Billy "what Constitution" Frist and his band of unthinking, uncaring, ignorant, and anti-American republicans just slam dunked the Constitution, your rights, and the future of American liberty!  
Runner Up - Senator Judd Gregg - the good senator from New Hampshire was quoted as being upset about the 400 billion dollar deficit that he and successive republican congresses and the republican administration created.   But never at a loss for ideas, Gregg suggested that 40 billion dollars could be saved over the next five years by passing a republican sponsored "balanced budget" bill currently in the house that targets those nasty social programs that provide for the elderly and children in the good ole USA.

Bringiton has a big suggestion for Republicans like Judd Gregg who are so concerned about the budget. We suggest that you, the president and the rest of worthless party end the Iraq occupation after you get permission from the boys at Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, etc.  Ending the War On Iraq could save Americans 200 billion in 2006 alone! If you Senators, Congressmen and OMB can't figure that out, THAT EQUALS 1 TRILLION DOLLARS OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS!  (see below).

200,000,000,000 x5 = 1,000,000,000,000

Bringiton knows that republicans would rather fight a war and rebuild a foreign country than feed the poor and elderly at home, but it might be a good idea to do something nice for the American public for a change instead of your CORPORATE SPONSORS.



Coming Soon - Idiotic Republican Lifetime Achievement Awards 
Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Frist, Hassert, Delay, Gonzales, Scalia, Rehnquist, O'Connor, Thomas and Kennedy all compete for top honors.

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