George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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It's no secret around Washington that W, Dick, Torture Boy Gonzales, Condi, Rummy or Heir Karl believe that they are above the law and that means the Constitution, federal, or state law. These folks do what they want, when they want, and regularly ditch their legal obligations and responsibilities. It’s really interesting how they go around and preach responsibility to all others and how the GOP went after Clinton and refuses to go after their own for much worse offenses.

Of Course, most Republicans are elitists slime that think they are superior to all Americans. The law is for the "little people" as republican heiress Hemsley would say. The law doesn't apply to the patrician class. But they can's help themselves, they were raised that way and have a long history of breaking the law and not living up to their legal or moral obligations.

George W. Bush - from his earliest silver spoon days, to his frat boy Yale persona, to his present role as Christian in Chief. The law can’t touch him especially now that he is so close to GOD himself.

Drunk Driving at Yale: the New Haven police reported stopping frat boy bush, but he was never arrested there due to the fact that after all, he is a Bush.

Drunk Driving in Maine: convicted, but slap on the wrist even though he was endangering his sister’s life. .

Illegal Abortion: back before Roe v. Wade when only the rich could get a real Doctor to perform an illegal abortion, it is alleged that Bush impregnated his girlfriend in Texas - who then had an abortion arranged by the Bush family.

Disqualified as a Pilot: well known that Bush refused to take a physical like every other pilot in the National Guard and thus was decertified and could no longer fly. Bush has never, sniff, sniff, sniff, explained why he did not take a physical that included a drug sniff, sniff, sniff, test. .

Thousands of Felonies for Violating FISA: FISA provides that it is a felony to tap a citizens phone without a warrant. Bush has approved thousands of illegal wiretaps. So What? .

Dick "The Shooter"Cheney here is another one for you. The Elmer Fudd look-a-like Dick Cheney.

Draft-Dodger so what if I got five deferments from the draft?I had better things to do!

Drunk Driving : two convictions for driving while intoxicated. Yee Haw!

Outing a CIA Agent: Scooter Libby testified that "the shooter" authorized him to disclose the name of a CIA operative because her husband was making us look bad.

Obstruction of Justice: refused to speak to police regarding the hunting accident. Was he afraid of something? Like that he was drunk?

Torture Boy Gonzales: another Harvard Grad Gone Bad, this tool has authorized illegal torture, illegal wiretaps, and illegal detainments of American citizens.

Torture: approved the use of torture that was illegal under federal law.

Eavesdropping: approved the use thousands of illegal wiretaps under FISA which means thousands of felony counts.

Constitution: approved the unconstitutional detainment of American citizens without charging them with a crime and without allowing them to consult a lawyer. Sounds like wrongful imprisonment to me.

Condi "Confidential" Rice - this lovely head of the NSA is a co-conspirator to the soying on Americans policy of the Bush Administration.

Eavesdropping: approved the use thousands of illegal wiretaps under FISA which means thousands of felony counts.

Rummy: as a former CEO of Bechtel he has been good at covering his tracks when he breaks the law. Well counseled, he knows how to avoid liability for his actions by creating deniability and getting underlings to take the heat. As a result, he is implicated in a host of illegal conduct, but has escaped the limelight.

Eavesdropping: most likely he has approved the use of illegal wiretaps under FISA as well.

Torture: although his inferiors are taking the blame,  the illegal use of torture by the Army had to be approved somewhere.

Bid Rigging:does anyone really believe that Rummy hasn’t steered contracts to Haliburton?

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