George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Impeach Me Please! I Rather Be Fishing!

George Bush is not as stupid as he seems to be.  That sly dog is carefully laying the ground work for his insanity defense when he is tried for the felonies he has committed with his illegal phone intercepts and for his war crimes.
We at BringItOn
believe Georgie's insanity plea is a lock! Just take a look at the things this guy has done.
Admitted that he talks directly to GOD himself and that GOD has guided his way into Iraq!
Confessed on national TV that he committed thousands of felonies for violating the provisions of FISA.
Admitted that the greatest moment of his presidency was catching a fish on his man-made lake stocked with fish at his ranch. OK this one is true!
Won't Fire Rumsfeld.
Insists that the National Security Administration only intercepts phone calls when US citizens have contact with terrorist or Al Queda.  I'm sorry, George,  there is no way that 200 million Americans contact terrorists - there just aren' that many Republicans. 

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