George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Top Ten Reasons McCain is Not George Bush

10.  I am honorable. When I cheated on my wife, I divorced her.
9.    I was not born into a rich family, I married into a rich family!
8.    I have never, ever choked on a pretzel and passed out in a White House bedroom.
7.    I am shorter, fatter and older than George W Bush.
6.    I have not directly spoken to god yet.
5.   I have never failed in business because I never ran one or was in charge of anything.
4.   I do not have a family compound in Kennebunkport.
3.   I have never, absolutely never, been married to a woman named Laura.
2.   I do not think I own a home in Texas, but my people will have to confirm whether that is true.
1.  I own a ranch in Arizona, Bush's ranch is in Texas. 

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