George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Ashcroft Cops A Plea For Illegal Campaign Practices


The Federal Election Commission announced on December 16, 2003 that it reached an agreement with Attorney General John Ashcroft's 2000 Campaign and his PAC (Spirit of America PAC) concerning the allegations that his campaign broke the very laws that the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission are required to enforce. Of course, Ashcroft's campaign and his PAC denied any wrongdoing, but they also refused to fight the issue or claim that the FEC was wrong in its assessment of illegal conduct.

Under the scheme engaged in by Ashcroft's Senate campaign, the campaign received about $110,000 illegally in fees for the use of a mailing list developed by Ashcroft's PAC and violated two federal laws in the process according to the majority vote of the Federal Elections Commission. First, the Ashcroft Campaign violated the law by taking donations from a PAC in excess of the $5, 000 maximum limit on contributions - they exceeded the limit by $105,000. Second, the Ashcroft Campaign did not report the contribution.

Documents and letters signed by Ashcroft also demonstrate his active participation in what the Commission found to be illegal campaign contributions.

So there you have it folks! The TOP LAW  ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL in the United States appointed by Bush will not admit his breaking of the law and he still gets to be Attorney General! Can you imagine the what the press and the republicans would say if Janet Reno had jaywalked across Pennsylvania Avenue on her way to work?  

It is time that Ashcroft resign! If you want to let him know, write to him at or phone him at 202-353-1555.  Just send John a friendly email asking him whether he will resign before or after the first of the year (we wouldn't want to ruin his Christmas since he is an evangelical Christian and leads a prayer each morning for his staff at the DOJ).

It is time that Ashcroft resign! If you want to let him know, write to him at or phone him at 202-353-1555.

Did you know that Ashcroft after one term in the Senate lost his re-election bid to his opponent that was killed in a plane crash before the election?

Are you aware that Ashcroft was recently admonished by a federal judge for making statements concerning an accused terrorist that could have resulted in freedom for the accused terrorist?

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