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Meet Sarah Palin and her unwed pregnant 17 year old daughter at the riight.  Apparently, this abstinence preaching mom's warnings fell on deaf ears.   If she cannot persuasively counsel her own daughter, can she be an effective leader of the free world?
Of course, the McCain camp says this is irrelevant.  Sarah Palin's failure as a parent has no reflection on her ability to be vice-president or president if the old boy can't perform. 
But what does it tell us about Sarah Palin?  Is she a bad parent? We think so, but not because her daughter engaged in pre-marital sex and got pregnant while she still was attending high school.  Sarah Palin is a bad parent because she has placed her own advancement above the well-being of her daughter and future grandchild.
Before Sarah Palin ensured that every newpaper, television show and radio broadcast  in the world would report that Bristol Palin was a sinner and pregnant with a bastard child at the tender age of 17, Bristol was already facing quite a big challenge.  Rather than facing this challenge with a supportive family in the relative obscurity of Alaska, her politically ambitious mother and McCain made her life the spectacle it has become.  
Certainly, McCainiacs knew that every media outlet in the  world would carry the story of the fanatical Christian Governor of Alaska and her UNWED PREGNANT TEEN daugther who will soldier on and have that baby on the world stage.  Sound familiar, another appeal for the sympathy for John McCain camp. John McCain's whole public career, after all, has been about feeling sorry for the poor tortured soldier of 40 years ago.
Of course, the public and the media are suppose to ignore the loose morals of the family Palin.  According to McCain, reporting on the pregnacy and dysfuntional family is offensive.  What's offensive is really McCain's choice and his using this poor girl's plight for political advantage!



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McCain is so rich he can't remember how many houses he has.