McCain Palin - Ticket to Nowhere

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John McCain has adopted so many of Bush's stances and policies that many Americans have begun to question whether he is any different from Bush. 
Well, get a clue, for all his "Straight Talk" gimmick, he is no different than Bush and has voted more than 90% of the time with the most unpopular President Bush.  He supports big oil, big business, wants to privatize "end" social security, has no solution to the Bush recession, and wants to continue Bush's irresponsible war at the tune of 10 billion dollars a month!
Nevertheless, the McCain Camp has come up with a list of ten talking points for republican to repeat when questioned by the press or anyone else.  Although subtle, these points clearly demonstrate that John McCain is not George Bush.


10. I am honorable. When I committed adultery, I divorced her.

9. I was not born into a rich family, I married into a rich family!

8. I have never, ever choked on a pretzel and passed out in a White House bedroom.

7. I am shorter, fatter and older than George W Bush.

6. I have not directly spoken to god yet.

5. I have never failed in business because I never ran one or was in charge of anything.

4. I do not have a family compound in Kennebunkport.

3. I have never, absolutely never, been married to a woman named Laura.

2. I do not think I own a home in Texas, but my people will have to confirm whether that is true.

1. I own a ranch in Arizona, Bush's ranch is in Texas.


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This article contributed by Jane Turner.

McCain is so rich he can't remember how many houses he has.