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RUDY The Philanderer
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Rudy the Philanderer Guiliani
Well the front-runner Rudy the Philanderer Guiliani is running for his life amid all the scandals plaguing his campaign. 
We would be running too if we had two ex-wives and teenage offspring chasing us around for having publically humiliated them by having affairs.
What are the odds that his third wife will make it to the White House? If she does, what are the odds that Rudy will "fall in love" with a newer younger model. Will Judy, like her predecessor, have to throw Rudy out of the White House on national television to make her point?
Rudy's "girlie man" desires that have led him to wear wigs, stockings, dresses and heels, may be a signal that marriage number 3 will not be broken up by "another woman" but by "another man." 
Rudy did live with two gay men after his second wife threw him out of Gracie Mansion because of his sexual liasons.
If you are a Republican, ask yourself this question. If you were calling for impeachment over certain liasons in the White House, how would you feel about Rudy declaring, "I did not have sex with that Man" on national TV?

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