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RUDY The Philanderer
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What Most Republicans Don't Know
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Welcome to the Republican Presidential Farce otherwise known as the Republican Primary season. 
There are so many losers in this crew it is hard to know where to begin. Let's just hope the country doesn't fall in love with yet another idiot who will bankrupt us and take us to war needlessly.  But if it is any indication, all the Republicans think GW is doing a fine job.  This alone, of couse, should disqualify them for the president.
Where to Start?
Rudy the Philanderer Guiliani
Well the front-runner Rudy the Philanderer Guiliani is running for his life amid all the scandals plaguing his campaign. 
We would be running too if we had two ex-wives and teenage offspring chasing us around for having publically humiliated them by having affairs.
What are the odds that his third wife will make it to the White House? If she does, what are the odds that Rudy will "fall in love" with a newer younger model. Will Judy, like her predecessor, have to throw Rudy out of the White House on national television to make her point?
Rudy's "girlie man" desires that have led him to wear wigs, stockings, dresses and heels, may be a signal that marriage number 3 will not be broken up by "another woman" but by "another man." 
Rudy did live with two gay men after his second wife threw him out of Gracie Mansion because of his sexual liasons.
If you are a Republican, ask yourself this question. If you were calling for impeachment over certain liasons in the White House, how would you feel about Rudy declaring, "I did not have sex with that Man" on national TV?
Mike Preacher-Man Huckabee
The perfect follow-up to the first fanatical christian president.  Mike is a bona-fide ignorant Southern Baptist preacher-man. He believes in creationism and rejects evolution as crap.  Reason is the great enemy of Religion after all. 
You have to acknowledge, though, Huck's 19th century pre-Darwanism charm makes him a stalwart for those who wish to return to simpler times where only white men could vote, the rest of us were slaves or peasants, and women knew their place. 
WE have heard rumors that Mike would like to change the Department of Education to the Department of Homeschoolin'.  Just imagine, if we all homeschooled our kids, our taxes would be lower and we would still have all the money needed to nuke any non-Christian nation into the Stone Age.
John POW McCain
This puzzles us. The Republicans rejected John Kerry because he was a decorated war hero in Vietnam that somehow didn't deserve the medals he won.  Instead, they flocked to the rich boy draft-dodger Bush whose daddy (Congressman Bush) made sure that Georgie was safe in the national guard to snort whatever he may have been snorting.  They also love the war-mongering draft-dodging coward Cheney who had "better things to do during the war." 
Now, the Republicans and some independents are ga ga for McCain who was a Prisoner of War (POW) during Vietnam.  
Whoa! Surreal!  How many war movies have you seen when the HERO was a captured sycophant who did not die for the cause.  
To put it in the simplest terms, Mc Cain equals POW equals QUITTER.
POW means McCain refused to fight to the death for the honor of his country or his flag. 
Instead, McCain "SURRENDERED" when put to the test to save his sorry wimpy hide.  McCain "GAVE UP!" 
Giving up to a commie dog is like saying, "PLEASE MY COMMUNIST MASTER DO NOT KILL ME, I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT !"  
Whatever happened to "Better Dead Than Red?"  Does McCain's favor, "Better Red and Fed!" 
Just what he did give up to the enemy? Did he disclose troop locations? Did disclosures led to US soldiers' deaths?  Just what did he do for his Communist Masters?
MITT Poligamist  Romney
The only thing this guy stands for is whatever you want him to stand for at the very moment you ask him.  Pro-life today, Pro-choice tomorrow depending on what state he is in.
Maybe this is the true answer of his Mormon religion.  Maybe Mormans have so many wives because they cannot say no and just go along with whoever.  The "love the one your with" syndrome?  Or "I need a new babe everyday.

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