McCain Palin - Ticket to Nowhere

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McAfraid To Debate

Here is the truth.
Two Weeks Ago McCain said the economy is fundamentally sound!
Two Weeks Ago McCain had a slight lead over Obama.
Today, it was announced that Obama had opened up a nine point lead over McCain.
Tonight, McCain Says the Finanical Issue is a Crisis bigger than 9/11.
Tonight, McCain says he has to suspend his campaign and cancel the Presidential Debate scheduled for Friday.  He also says that the Presidential Debate can be held next Thursday instead of the Vice Presidential Debate.
Obama Says a president needs to do more that one thing at once and that he will not cancel the debate.
McCain is a coward because he will not debate.  McCain is trying to make sure that Palin does not have to debate.
McCain is lying to America because he is losing.  There is no reason in the world that he cannot spend 90 minutes debating because of the financial crisis especially since he has not cancelled his morning speaking engagements in New York.
This is a cheap republican trick! Don't fall for it!

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McCain is so rich he can't remember how many houses he has.