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Sarah Palin's poor judgment in exposing her daughter to unnecessary ridicule is just the tip of the ice berg! The poor judgment she exercised during her recent pregnancy show not only poor judgment but a disregard for human life.
 Sarah Palin, age 44, knew that her pregnancy was a high- risk pregnancy.   She knew that her unborn fetus potentially had Down's syndrome and, at birth, might need the services of a specialized neo-natal care unit.
Sarah Palin and the "first dude" were attending a conference in Texas where she was suppose to speak.  The day before her speech, her "water broke" and she was officially in labor.
Palin decided to give her speech the next day anyway and she did.  But rather than go to a top rate hospital in Texas, she incredibly decided to drive to the airport and board a plane back to Alaska for an eleven hour flight!
Outrageous? It gets even better! After landing in Anchorage, Palin, the governor, does not go to a hospital in Anchorage that has a neo-natal care unit.  Instead she gets in another car and drives to the hospital in Wasilla that does not have a neo-natal care unit to have her baby!
Did she expose her unborn child to unnecessary risk?
You better believe it.  
Is exposing an unborn child to such risk irresponsible?
You better believe it.
Should any person that exercises such poor judgment be vice president or perhaps president of the United States of America?
Not in my country! 



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