McCain Palin - Ticket to Nowhere

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Who Wears The Pants

A brief analysis of the Cindy and Johnny Marriage


The truth behind Cindy's dominance of John McCain is so apparent that it is laughable.

We all know the story by now. John McCain's wife stood by him through his wildly successful military career as a downed pilot who surrendered to the Commies rather than fight and became a POW.


After his return to the US, John screwed around on his wife.  Eventually, John McCain fell under the spell of Cindy, his present owner. In fact, John at Cindy's behest applied for a marriage license to wed Cindy while he was still married to the mother of his children!

McCain knew a good thing when he saw it and did not want to lose out because Cindy was a rich heiress. 

Not being rich himself and with no hope of ever being rich, McCainey knew he could cash in, dump his wife and family, and marry money like any aspiring republican poor boy politician without a trust fund! So what if he had to become a glorified stock boy for the beer distributorship owned by Cindy's daddy. Million of dollars are millions of dollars and he need Cindy's family to fund his political ambitions.

And my God was he right, Cindy has about 100 million dollars! Yes Sir Cindy!

McCain is so rich he can't remember how many houses he has.