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Palin Pro-Rapist

Sarah Palin is so far out of the mainstream that she believes that victims of RAPE and INCEST should be forced to have their RAPIST's child.
Can you imagine anything more horrible than being raped? 
The emotional scars of such violence against a women might  last a lifetime and often require years of therapy before a woman can enter a loving relationship.
Well, get ready for this.  Sarah Palin believes that a woman who is raped and is impregnated by her rapist should be forced to carry and nurture the rapist's child!
The Republican Vice Presidential candidate  believes that abortion is justified only when the life of the mother is threatened.  That means pregnant women who carry their Rapist's baby will be forced to have the baby. It also means that women whose father, brother, or uncle has impregnated them will be forced  to have the child.
The vast majority of American people do not support Sarah Palin.  Maybe its different in Alaska, but most moms and dads do not think that if their daughter is raped that she should have to have the baby of her rapists. Most people think that victims of rape should not be forced to be reminded day after day that they are carrying their rapist's child.
Sarah Palin - Way Out There

Sarah Palin Heartless

Sarah Palin Wants You To Have Your Rapist's Baby


Sarah Palin - A Rapist's Friend

McCain is so rich he can't remember how many houses he has.