George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Osama Still Free - Why?

Osama bin Laden is laughing at Americans.  He knows that he is the safest man in the world.   Despite Bush's promise to "hunt him down," BUSH NEEDS OSAMI AT LARGE! 
It is not that the Bushies in control of the most technologically advanced military can't catch him, it is that the Bushies do not want to catch him.  if they did , they would not be able to justify their POLITICS OF FEAR.
The only question is how long are a majority of the American People going to be duped?  It has already been five years and the Republican Facists intent on destroying American Freedom continue to play the fear card.   
This is ludicrous! bin Laden is a criminal that can be caught by Pakistan and the United States in a matter of weeks.  For god's sake, the man requires dialysis treatments every week and is pinned down in a remote area of Pakistan.  Take even 30,000 troops from the failed Iraq Mission and set them loose in Pakistan and bin Laden would be caught in two weeks!
Every American should be concerned about the White House's failure to capture Osama bin Laden.  Every few months there is another Osama tape where he threatens American citizens, but Bush can't get the job done!
Something is seriously wrong here folks!  If the Republican Terrorist Hunters have been unable to capture bin Laden, give the Democrats two weeks control and they will have him!


Why doesn't Bush Care?
Let's face it, Osama is essential to the Bushies  "Roll America" Campaign."  Osama helped Bush get elected!  Without Osama on the loose, Georgie would never have won the election - pure and simple.  The Bush Administration has never really tried to capture Osama because its good for the President to have him on the loose.  Whenever Americans start to realize just how stupid W is and  approval ratings sag, PRESTO - THERE IS A NEW OSAMA TAPE. The "Osama Tape Trick" magically appears every time Bush is in trouble. When it looked like  John Kerry would win the 2004 election, a new Osama Tape emerged. When the president was criticized for his failures during and after Katrina, an Osama Tape was on TV. When Bush was criticized for breaking the law by approving illegal wiretaps, the Osama tape trick emerged yet again.
Osama is Good Business.  The invasions of Afghanistan and of Iraq are a boon to big business and are the chief economic plan of W. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been given to the defense department and private contractors like Haliburton to fight terrorist.  Alll of this is justified by 9-11 and defending the homeland.  Sound familiar? The Cold War raged for decades and the only ones who benefitted were the defense industry and private contractors that made weapons. Osama is the new Cold War - only he is not the threat that the Soviet Union was.
Family Ties.  Is it because the bin Laden family has been very good to the Bush family and Georgie's daddy has been bought off?
Friends and Family Carlyle Group Profit Sharing Plan.  Is it because the bin Ladens invested heavily in this upstart company run by James Baker III?  Don't forget , daddy George was an investor too.
Shared Religious Values.  Is it because Osama is a muslim fundamentalist's fundamentalist?  He hates gays as much as an any god-fearing christian evangelical!  He also supports W's view that the real enemy are "secular humanists" and those who think that religion has no place in the running of a country.

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