George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Our Purpose


Our purpose is to point out the hypocracy of the Bush Administration. While espousing "traditional American values" the Christian in Chief really worships only one almighty God - the dollar bill! By this score he is not even a monotheist because the more $$$$ the better.  
All W's play-acting that he is a devote Christian is window dressing for the evangelicals in the Red States who really want to believe that he is the second coming of Christ (rather than the anti-christ) who will lead us to the promise land.  
The less than scholarly evangelicals do not know that the Bush Family for Generations has faithfully worshiped money and power.  Nor do they know that the current incarnation of the  Republican Party and Bush, in particular, are passing laws everyday to enrich themselves at the expense of the "lower classes" which includes all Americans who are not in the top 5% of earnings in America.  ( This includes virtually all of you red-staters that do not earn more than $200,000).
If greed is evil in the Christian Faith, then you evangelicals that support Bush support greed and evil personified.  The Bush family creed is greed.  From W's granddaddy's investments in Nazi Germany up to George I and George II's unflinching support of a Saudi Royal Family that permits public beheading and has brutally silenced all political and religious opponents, the Bushs' care more about the bottom line than morality, fairness, justice, freedom or liberty.  

Our purpose is also to get the citizens of the United States to realize that George W. Bush's policies are designed to make the rich richer, to destroy public education, to eliminate the right to free speech and other Constitutional Rights, to allow polluters to pollute, to cut workers salaries, and to destroy Social Security. 
The middle class, the poor, and the working class are clearly the targets of a Bush Administration Philosophy of Class Warfare.  Bush has already tried to eliminate overtime pay.  He is trying to eliminate the inheritance tax (Bush's Death Tax Hubris) which only really applies to those with estates over $1 million dollars.  And the purpose of which is to ensure that the really rich cannot tie up capital that can be used by the next generation to build the economy.
Bush has cut social programs, destroyed labor unions, and has tried to dismantle public education as we know it. 
Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% by pushing more of the tax burden the middle class in part to fund his absurd Crudesade In Iraq. 
No matter what Bush says, killing innocents in Iraq, destroying families at home, abusing the political process, putting our elderly at risk, and assailing the Constitution are not traditional American Values. 
The message is clear.  Bush is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich! And he is so devoid of conscience that he cannot claim any faith as his own.

Do you earn more than $200,000 a year.  If not, why do you continue to vote for those who are keeping you from getting your slice of the pie? Are you so blind that you cannot see?