George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Election Can't Be Far Away When W and the Republicans Use FEAR AND SCARE TACTICS to Dupe The American Public!
The issue is simple.   Georgie and his republican party have begun the fear mongering and the September 11, 2001 references to prevail in the 2006 elections.  Karl Rove announced last December that this was their only winning issue especially since the Bushies have brought Iraq to the brink of civil war, could not destroy Social Security, and have failed to do anything positive.  The Bushies have no shame and will once again transform America from the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" to the "Land of Control and the Home of the Cowered." 
The latest scam in the President's and Dick's bid to convince Americans that they live under a deadly terrorist threat everyday is the "terrorist cell" of Miami teens that was allegedly plotting the destruction of the Sears Tower. 
Of course, this is laughable.  The kids involved were not a "terrorist army" as alleged by Bush.  They had no weapons, no money, and no links to terrorists organizations.  In fact, the only contact they had with a real terrorist was the FBI's  government informant.  
But the Bushies needed something to keep terror on the TV and the minds of Americans.  One allegation and the entire mainstream media with the exception of the New York Times jumps on the bandwagon.  All you have to do is get the story on CNN's Situation Room with the Wolf! It is so easy.  Remember a few weeks ago when a Congressional staffer heard a loud noise and reported gunfire in the Capitol garage.  It made everY TV channel WITHIN MINUTES and the hapless Capitol police shut down the Capitol for five hours!  The gunfire by the way was construction noise.
The other republican ploy to divert attention from high gas prices, record oil company profits, global warming, the failed Iraq war, the Abramoff scandal, and the systematic destruction of Constitutional government was the Mexican border controversy.  Secure the border to protect us from well-known Mexican terror cells.  FIVE YEARS AFTER 9/11, THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION FINALLY REALIZES THAT THE BORDERS ARE NOT SECURE?  W WAS ONLY THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS FOR 8 YEARS BEFORE 9/11 AND HE DIDN'T KNOW THAT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CROSS THE RIO GRANDE EVERYDAY!  (OH YEAH, HE ALSO DIDN'T KNOW WHO THE PRESIDENT OF MEXICO WAS IN CAMPAIGN 2000 - SO IT IS PLAUSIBLE). 
HMMM - Attorney General Gonzales refused to admit whether or not (claims he doesn't know) his grandparents were illegal Mexican aliens when asked by Wolf Blitzer.
Remember World War II and the Cold War? These were real threats to the American way of life compared to this War Against Terror.  How many terrorists are there? Do you think that a terrorist cell could do anything worse than what they have already done when Bush and the Boyz slept on 9/11? 
Do you believe that the terrorist threat even approaches the the daily threat to America presented by the Cold War or WWII?
The largest living generation (baby boomers) are now middle-aged.  Did they forget the FALLOUT SHELTERS and THE CONSTANT THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR AND EXTINCTION.  The world is a thousand times safer today than in the Sixties.  Did we run around wetting our pants and giving up our rights in the Sixties.  NO -  WE FOUGHT FOR RIGHTS! 
COLD WAR - WE LIVED THROUGH IT AND PREVAILED.  The United States and Russia engaged in decades of building nuclear arsenals that could destroy the earth.  ONE MISTAKE AND GOODBYE CIVILIZATION.  JFK stared the Russians down in Cuba and that was the turning point even though the COLD WAR CONTINUED FOR 20 years until the Russians could no longer afford to fund it because their people were starving.  The majority of US citizens were aware of the threat and practiced "air raid" drills, but we didn't go overboard like today.  The "survivialist" who built shelters in their yards or homes were largely viewed as nuts.   I wonder whether Dick Cheney spent his boyhood in an underground shelter?
WORLD WAR II -  two heavily-industrialized nations, JAPAN AND GERMANY, with hundreds of million citizens, and armed forces of millions threatened freedom thoughout the world.  Brave leaders like FDR and Churchill refused to let America and  Britain cower in the face of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  Although Hitler had amassed a military might far beyond what the world had ever seen, FDR LEAD US AGAINST FEAR! These leaders rallied their citizenry and empowered them to defeat the foes.  We would all be speaking German if W had been in charge because W is for Wimp, Weak and Wrong! And his Republican lackeys are equally at fault.
The Republican party has let America down.  It allowed 9/11 to occur because it failed to "connect the dots" and to pay attention to Bill Clinton who has more intelligence in his pinky than W possesses. Instead of paying attention to the numerous national security reports issued in July and August of 2001, the CEO President vacationed for five weeks playing golf and cowboy.  The in 2005, Bush was caught again with his pants down on vacation when Katrina destroyed New Orleans!
After the massive irresponsibility that led to the most deadly attack on American citizens, Cheney and Rove saw a political opening to keep the republicans in power.   THE PLAN -  LETS SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF AMERICANS AND BRAINWASH THEM INTO BELIEVING THAT THE MOST INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES IS THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD PROTECT THEM!
The ruse worked IN 2002 and 2004, BUT ITS EFFECTS ARE WANING.  So get ready for a summer full of foiled plots and warnings and armed soldiers standing around subways.  I hear the CIA is working on the new Bin Laden Tape.
Will America every regain its title as the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?"  
Not As long as America continues to elect Republicans incompetents that wet their pants at everything.  Fear is something Republicans know well.  The elite are always fearful that the public will wake up and see they are oppressed and react.  Republicans fear everything!  Terrorist, Gays, Democrats, Unions, Big Cities, Public Toilets, God, Atheists, Rappers, Free Speech, Protests, Democracy, Free Elections, Public Schools,  People of Color, Social Security, The Minimum Wage - Think About It!
The fear of another terrorist attack, especially in the south and mid-west where the Republican fear tactics work best , is irrational.  There are only so many terrorist in the world and only a handful who have the capability to attack the United States with anything larger than a PIPE BOMB.
W's War on Terror is not the death struggle they want you to believe. The scattered terrorist do not resemble the armed forces of WWII nor do the possess the nuclear might of the former Soviet Union.  They could never cause the destruction of the United States.
The Terrorists only hope is that they can destroy the will of the United States by creating fear potent enough that Americans are willing to give up their freedom and Constitutional form of government.  By all accounts, the Bush Administration is playing right into their hands.

You can find and contact your Senator at .  Do it today before it is too late!

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