George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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9/11 - Bush Idiocy or Divine Intervention?

Bush's Big Blunder


FAILURE OR DIVINE INTERVENTION:  Pictured left is the World Trade Center before the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.  The  Bush Administration, in the service of the one true God, has used the death of  thousands of innocent Americans at the Pentagon and the WTC to justify the Christian Crusade (a.k.a. Crudesade by oil executives) in Iraq, the elimination of basic Constitutional Rights at home, and the use of the politics of fear to retain power.  
Bush and Cheney were rewarded by their red comrades with a second term.  These evangelical christians and maybe the Christian in Chief, himself,  know in their "heart of hearts" that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were right all along about 9/11. 
9/11 was not the result of an inept administration.  It was God's Will!  The enlightened know that 9/11 was God's wakeup call to America.  And the Lord said "stop tolerating homosexuals and those that oppose prayer in the public schools" as he watched the Twin Towers crumble.  
The Bush Administration's failure to protect innocent Americans was directly related to their inability to govern and the inept "leadership" of George W. Bush and his daddy's cronies.  Quite simply, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld didn't focus on terrorism because the Clinton Administration told them that Osama bin Laden was America's biggest threat.   
Instead, Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to re-live the dream world of Ronnie Regan's 1980s America that focused on destroying the evil of  "godless communism."  As a result, these two "old-schoolers" diverted 180 million dollars from counter- terrorism efforts to the Star Wars Missile Defense System in March 2001. 
Did these two corporate foxes really think a "commie" nuclear attack was imminent?  Are you serious? The "boyz" knew that throwing 180 million dollars in government contracts to corporate cronies in the defense industry would be good politics.  Enrich a few "down and out" wealthy CEO's and get a little back for the 2004 race.
This combination of corporate greed, out-of-time advisers, and the president's inability to focus on anything set the stage for 9/11.  As W vacationed, Osama's terrorists moved into position unnoticed.  As W failed to read security reports, the danger increased.   As W failed to act, 9/11 happened.
The 9/11 Commission tried to get to the ugly truth that W  failed to protect Americans.  But they were duped by Team W.  Bush did not have to lie because he had Dick Cheney and Condy to lie for him.   W's lawyers convinced  the Commission that Dick Cheney and W should not have to testify under oath and that no transcript or recording of the session should be made.  Instead, W and Dick had a nice chat with a few hand-chosen, friendly Commissioners at the White House around the fireplace.  And just in case Dick and W couldn't get their stories straight, they were both in the room.  How cozy.
Since the president did not cooperate with the 9/11 Commission, it is unlikely that the public will ever know the truth.  And while someone with a conscience might come forth, don't count on it.  The Bush Administration has a no-conscience "litmus test" for all cabinet officials.
Call us patriotic Americans, but the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon will never be forgotten!  The murder of thousands of innocent American Patriots in New York and Virginia could have and should have been prevented. 
Like most, these Americans were hard at work supporting families that could not rely on inherited wealth or the wealth of their mommies and daddies.  These Americans counted on themselves to sustain their families' well-being. 
The Bush Administration failed them and all Americans on 9/11.  A fundamental function of any government is to protect its citizens from foreign attack.  After the fable of W scripted by Karl Rove fades, the annals of history will record that 9/11 was the greatest blunder and failure of any American President.

Americans should continue to demand the truth in the name of each and every American that perished.  The time has come for the White House to admit how it failed and why it failed when so much taxpayer money is devoted to the most expensive and technologically-advanced military and intelligence gathering organizations in the history of the world.  Whoever in the Bush Administration dropped the ball should be called to task and resign.  If it is W, he should be impeached.  Americans deserve nothing less! 

One thing is clear from the Commission's analysis.  The carnage and destruction on 9/11 could have been minimized if a "thinking president" had been in charge. Instead, we had a "breathing president" in George W. Bush. 

W's dysfunction on 9/11 was clearly apparent.  That W continued to read to school children for at least seven minutes after he learned that  the United States was under attack is the proof of his inability to lead.  Precious life-saving moments slipped by while Bush read to school children.  We have all seen this disgusting display on tape - unbelievable!

As reported by the New York Daily News on 6/18/04, "The 9/11 investigation shows Cheney in command while President Bush is portrayed as determined to appear calm, eager to reassure the country and worried about his family." In other words, W had no idea what to do! 

Instead, our "breathing president" reacted like a skittish bunny and ran.  Reminiscent of his bravery during the Vietnam War, BUSH FLED AND WENT AWOL.  The 9/11 Commission Chairman noted, "The President was cut off" and "out of the loop" as he sought to save his own hide by flying  to a secure location thousands of miles from NYC and Washington. 

Realizing that this was a public relations nightmare for W to be seen "on-the-run," Karl Rove and Ari did their best to convince America that the big, bad, no-nonsense Secret Service would not let W go to Washington.  First, they sold the media on this ridiculous idea and then the public. 

Could you imagine what Harry Truman or JFK or Eisenhower would do if a Secret Service Agent, under the President's command, told the President that he could not return to Washington during a national emergency?  

The 9/11 Commission also concluded that Georgie was "incommunicando for periods of time due to a faulty radio system on Air Force One"  A faulty radio system on Air Force One?  Karl, you are too much!

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