George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Bush Breaks Promise To Release All National Guard Records And Fails To Come Clean About His Failure To Submit To A Required Physical That Included Drug Testing  
As we all know, many questions concerning George W. Bush's alleged National Guard service have surfaced yet again. This is in fact his own fault since he has refused to "come clean" on the issue that has dogged him repeatedly throughout his political career. It is also the fault of his family and handlers who may know the truth, but fear to release the truth during an election year.

Like many wealthy, privileged, and connected young American hypocrites who supported the war but didnt serve in it, W was spared the Vietnam experience because his daddy was a Congressman. Like other Texas politicians sons, W got placed at the top of the list for the Air National Guard even though he failed the entrance exam and there were 500 other young Texans on the list ahead of him. With his college deferment expiring in 13 days, young W was sworn in on the same day his application was received!

In a February interview on "Meet the Press," W promised the American people that he would release "all" of his records concerning his National Guard Service. Of course, he has broken yet another promise. Instead, Bush and his propagandists tried to selectively produce records that were suppose to prove he met his obligation to his country. No one is satisfied with the spin doctors' response.  Bush continues to withhold information by deleting items from the records relating to his prior arrests and his failure to take a medical exam that included drug testing.  So, the mystery continues and leaves Americans wondering whether W is lying or trying to hide something yet again.

What could be so damaging to Bush is anyone's guess!

Since Bush refuses to tell the truth, it is open to speculation.  A few facts about the Bush mystery should leave no doubt that his failure to continue his duties as a pilot might relate to his admitted alcohol abuse or his yet admitted felonious past.

Fact 1 Bush has never explained why he failed to take a 1972 physical required of all pilots that included drug testing.  His excuse that he could not see his regular family physician is silly.  If Bush were in Alabama as he claims, he could have seen any of the certified physicians on the base for his physical.  In fact, the National Guard would not accept a private physician's report and he would have been be required by the National Guard to have his physical performed by approved personnel.

Fact 2 During the 2000 election campaign, Bush declared that he had not committed any felonies since 1974. Since none of his four prior arrests were for felonies and alcoholism is not a felony, Americans should wonder whether Bush was involved in felonious conduct prior to 1974. Of course, the illegal possession of narcotics like Cocaine was a felony before 1974.

Fact 3 The United States spent tens of thousands of dollars to train Bush as a pilot. The U.S. does not like the fact that pilots just decide they do not want to fly anymore. In fact, most pilots who lose their certification to fly are required to attend a hearing on the issue. Not W - which raises the question of even more preferential treatment.

Fact 4 The White House continually refuses to answer the question of why W stopped flying or refused to submit to a physical exam.

In the absence of any contrary information from the White House, the Bush family, or Bush himself, it is relatively clear that Bush is hiding something big.

Is a possible explanation that young W was engaged in illegal drug use and was simply TOO HIGH TO FLY?

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She don't mind, she don't mind, she don't mind ..............