George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Felon Cunningham's Flag Amendment

Examples of the Activity That Would Be Prohibitted


The Christian-In-Chief and Admitted Felon Fomer Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham Make Flag Protection Amendment A Number One Priority!
The number one Constitutional issue on every American's mind is to stop those citizens who burn or desecrate the American Flag.   As you are well aware, millions of pinko commie fags burn American flags just for fun on the Fourth of July. 
Knowing in their hearts that such activity must stop and that the Supreme Court has ruled that burning the flag is protected First Amendment Speech, former Congressman "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) sponsored a Constitutional Amendment known as the Flag Protection Amendment (H.J.Res. 10) which passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support 286-130. 
Yes, that is the same Duke Cunningham (see weeping picture) who resigned from Congress in November, 2005 after he pled guilty to several felony charges for soliciting bribes in the amount of 2.6 million dollars from defense contractors for lucrative government contracts.
According to the disgraced congressman, "The Flag Protection Amendment would amend the Constitution to allow Congress to pass a law prohibiting the desecration of the American flag. This amendment will return to the American people the right to protect the flag from physical desecration and disgrace."
I am glad that the Republicans have their priorities straight.  Lets work hard to amend the Constitution  and protect our flag from US citizens so that only Iraqis and Iranians can burn our flag in protest!  Let's waste 6 billion dollars a month in Iraq to make Congressman like Cunningham and defense contractors rich while our boys come home in body bags!   Let  us support American values by protecting the symbol of America while the Republican President violates the Constitution on a daily basis!  God Bless the Republican Party!
I can't wait till true Americans like Duke, Tex and the Republicans get their way to stop the burning of "old glory" by Americans on these shores!  Let those flag burners go out of the country to torch the "Stars and Stripes!" 
As you now know "Duke's Amendment" as it is affectionately referred to by other Republicans on the take was one vote shy (66-34) in the Senate of being submitted as a Constitutional Amendment.   This really satifies the Republicans because now they can turn this issue into an election year litmus test like they did in 1988.
If you feel as strongly about stopping the desecrators as the felon Cunningham,  send your Senator a letter telling him that the Flag Amendment must move forward to honor a true American Republican hero like Cunningham!

Contact Your Senators The Flag Burn Amendment is The Most Important Issue Facing America!

Congressman Cunningham weeps as he admits he took 2.6 million dollars in bribes.

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