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George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

America doesn't torture, it's Republican leaders do!

Welcome to our site dedicated to the nation's most insane evangelical, George W. Bush, the Christian- in-Chief of the First Facist Fanatical Christian Administration in American History.  On January 20, 2009 at noon, the "Reign of Terror" will officially end, but  the damaged inflicted on the world, our nation and American citizens will live on for years to come.

Long ago, we abandoned our approach of trying to convince "red" America that they were leading the country to tolitarianism and ruin.  In the end, we did not have to convince anyone.  It just became so god damned apparent that even some "red" state citizens admitted we had been right all along.    History will not treat George W. Bush kindly and it should not! 

The Good News Is

 "Blue Thinking America" routed  "Red Amerca" in the November 4, 2008 election.   We are cautiously optimistic that true Americans are beginning to do what Americans do well - realize when they have been duped by a corrupt, illegitimate, immoral,  hypocritical, thieving, incestuous, anti-American, and liberty -threatening Republican politcal party.

Now it is time for Americans to do what they do best -  continue to reject every Republican candidate that has allowed Bush and his cronies to pull the wool over your eyes and steal from our treasury!  This is every single Republican Senator and Representative in Congress with a few exceptions! 


The "RED" religious fanatics and their corporate backers  continue to control most of the South, its churches and the  surburban and rural areas where white, economically exploited, home-schooled and  homophobic persons live.   (e.g. the Republican Base).  Even in these quarters, the citizenry is having trouble understanding why REPUBLICAN Congressmen ("good Christians") like Mark Foley and Larry Craig keep getting caught up in homosexual sex scandals .  And Flag wiavers like Duke Cunningham keep getting indicted for taking millions in bribes from defense contractors.

True "BLUE AMERICANS" as always will continue to stand up to the continued threat from "RED REPUBLICANS" over the last and waning months of the Bush adminstration to ensure he takes no other illegal actions to  assault the rights of Americans.  Do not let the facist "RED REPUBLICANS" turn us into the HOME OF THE CONTROLLED AND THE LAND OF THE FEARFUL.  Remember, the "RED God-fearing believers" STILL FAWN AT THE ALTAR OF BUSH's FEAR EVERYTHING CAMPAIGN! 

The "Blues" HAVE PROVEN that the failures of W ( 9-11, Katrina Response, War on Iraq, War on Civil Rights) and the ultra-right-wing policies (church=state, wiretap everyone, attempts to abolish the Bill of Rights, the use of unfettered police power, militarism, imperialism, facism, sadistic torture) of the Bush Administration are the result of corporatism and the desire of corporatists to end democracy as envisioned by Jefferson, Madison, and every other liberal founder of our nation.

Bush Responds To Americans That Disagree

Rove Responds to Massive Democratic Victory


WASHINGTON, September 2007 — Six Years After Bush Failed To Protect Americans from a Terrorist Attack, he continues to use his failure as a justification for the election of Republicans hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Government that has served this country well for more than 210 years.
His Nazi inspired use of FEAR AS A POLITICAL WEAPON is nothing less that UN AMERICAN.  We here at "bring it on" reject the Republican fear tactics in favor of AMERICAN FREEDOM!
The Message is clear.  If you want to continue to live in a FREE COUNTRY VOTE DEMOCRATIC in NOVEMBER! 
Bush and his Republican Tolitarian Party have engaged in illegal wiretaps of American Citizens for five years!
Bush and his Republican Tolitarian Party have been reading your email for five years!
Bush and his Republican Totlitarian Party have rejected basic Constitutional Protections and have ignored the Judiciary and illegally thwarted the American Justice System to try suspects even though a conservative Supreme Court insists that the courts are the proper place for such trials! Are you the next person to be hauled off in the middle of the night without due process of law?


New Page Updates Daily !

Why Hasn't Bush Sent in The Marines To Pakistan to Get Osami bin Laden?

Is he afraid or does he realize that once Osama is captured that his whole charade to turn America into a freedomless police state will fail?


Take The Katrina Presidential Fitness Quiz

Bush Pass The Buck Iraq Scheme

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