George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Allen is so Bad he has his own Page!

Senator George Allen of Virginia - this boy is a the Bad Boy of the Republican Right Protestant Christian Division.  A transplant, born and raised in California, this cowboy from Virginia fancies himself as part of the landed-gentry from Charlottesville and his recent assault on a Virginian of indian descent has confirmed his racists status. Like Ronnie the Elder he loves to have his picture taken riding horses. (if you don't believe me, just Google him).  Rising to political fame on the back of his daddy, the legendary Washington Redskins football coach, he appears to be affiable enough, but appearances can be deceiving. 
A hard-core Christian-right activist, he has a lifetime Conservative Ranking of 91% from the American Conservative Union.  He is in favor of Bush's maniacal plan to dismantle Social Security, continuing to throw billons of your money at the Iraq War, and firmly believes in the rights of Americans to own and possess Assault Rifles. He favors the continued raping of the middle class to fund tax cuts for the rich.
He is the son of privilege and votes in his own interest - no inheritance tax no matter how much I plan to inherit!  He is in favor of bankrupting the federal government so that anything done to help the citizenry will be underfunded.  He has voted against increasing spending for education while voting to keep tax cuts for the rich.
In other words, this guy neither represents the interest of Virginia of its citizens.  Special interest and corporations love this guy!
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George Allen - Keeping The Privileged Privileged and Armed!

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