George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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W's Class War - Targets Working Americans

W and The Republicans Support Class Warfare - We Say Bring It On!

Blue staters, who generally earn a lot more money and pay the bulk of the nation's taxes to subsidize the red states, are continually baffled by just how clueless working people are in the red states.  If you are a red stater who actually works for a living and you earn less than $200,000, you are a target of the Bush Republican class war. 
Not long ago, there was a time when your grandfathers and grandmothers in Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky realized that the mill owners, the bosses, the Bushes, the mine owners, the Republican Party, the Wall Street Investors, and the banks were out to screw you everyday of the week. 
Your ancestors knew they were getting the shaft, and you still are today! But, your ancestors had enough sense to do something about it!  Every once in a while, your ancestors would elect a populist governor who kick some corporate capitalist money grabbers butt.  
Today, you vote for slimey businessmen like George Bush who change the laws to kick your butt and you like it!  
Millions of your ancestors voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt and Democrats. Like every school child in a blue states knows, FDR saved your butts from extinction during the depression.  He gave you light (TVA), Social Security, and restored the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Rather than worship him and his ideals, you have rejected him in favor of republicans just because they claim they are Christians.
The Democratic Party is the party of working people like you. They gave you Social Security, the right to fight for better working conditions,  protected your right to vote, and minimum wage laws. They support universal health care and  child care, and minimum wage laws.  Just read the newspapers or some history and turn off Nancy Grace and Rush for God's sake!
Despite all this, you continue to elect Republican millionaires who live in gated communities because they can not stand to be amongst the working classes. These Republicans stand in the way of approving a minimum wage that would lift all workers who work a forty hour week above the poverty level. These Republicans and the special interests groups that own them like the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the AMA are the ones who are standing in your way of getting universal health care for all Americans.  These Republicans keep passing tax cuts for the wealthy (themselves) while they bankrupt the government. The money spent on the War On Iraq would have been enough to shore up Social Security until 2075!  These Republicans are riding around DC in limos with "escorts" who earn more money an hour than you do in a week! 
You are still getting screwed, but you seem to enjoy and accept it!
No one really knows what has happened to you red-staters over the last thirty years. But the blue staters really do care about working Americans wherever they live.
Have you given up?  Some have suggested that as your lives become more miserable, you all became religious fanatics.  How else can anyone explain your willingness to vote for Bush and Republicans Congressmen who steal food from your children's mouths everyday to pay for another defense contractors mistress.  
Is your only hope in religious fanatacism?  For centuries, the romans in the early ADs, the french and english in the 1600s and the Saudis of today control the vast majority of peasants (believe us you are 21st century peasants) while the richest dined on fine food and wine and keep them oppressed.  Religion has always provided the answer: convince the fools that they will be rewarded in the afterlife if they let the rich walk all over them here on earth! 
Events in the Class War
On May 11, 2006 the Senate extended the Tax Breaks For the Rich Legislation.
On March 7, 2005, the Republicans opposed raising the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour (the minimum wage has not been raised since 1996)! Year Five of the unrelenting economic assault on all Americans earning less than $200,000 a year (W's lower classes) is off to a bang!
Republican Class War Target 1 - Social Security: nothing like stripping the old folks of their retirement and making sure that workers today have no retirement.  Republicans are really good at this, just do a web search and see how many companies have reneged on their pension programs. Enron anyone?
Republican Class War Target 2 - No Minimum Wage Increase! - Screw the workers, the nerve of them to think that the minimum wage should lift families above the poverty level.  And if we raise the minimum wage then all those other woking people might think they have the right to raises.  Everyone knows that only the Senior Executives should get raises.
Republican Class War Target 3 - Permanent Tax Relief for the Richest 1% of the Population:  Well of course we need to make the tax cuts for the rich even better and permanent.  For four years now, the promised recovery that tax cuts were suppose to spark never happened - instead the rich got richer.  Let's give those rich people more time to avoid taxes!
Target 4 - More Welfare for the Rich: Haliburton got another 1.5 billion dollars from the government.  Amen Dick Cheney!
Target 5 - Deep Cuts in Social Programs: - Who needs headstart anyway?
Target 6 - Litigation Reform: to protect corporate evildoers from facing their day in court.

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