George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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W and Republicans Trying To Stem Big Losses From Their Failures Renew Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage

As another imprtant election year approaches, the Republicans are dusting off their Gay Marriage Ban Constitutional Amendment.  Because they lack any realistic programs to help Americans, gay bashing Republicans have no choice but to try lure Christian Fundamentalists and the rest of Jesusland to vote for their inept sorry asses as the anti-gay party.  Nevermind that the Vice President's daughter is a lesbian and Senate supporters like Larry Craig was arrested for allegedly soliciting homosexual sex from an undercover police officer.  The Republicans will make sure that no gay couples get married period! 
At this writing, It is unclear, however, whether Republican Senators and Congressmen will sponsor anti-sting legislation to ensure that elected republican officials can continue without fear to tap their feet and solicit homosexual sex  acts from tourist and patrons of the mens room at Union Station  located a few blocks from the Capitol in Washington.
Nevermind gas prices at $3.00 a gallon, Bush's failed Iraq War and his lies about the Iraqi threat, the inept response to Katrina, the trillons spent in Iraq, the illegal and unconstitutional spying on millions of Americans, the abuse of power to "out" a CIA agent, their failed attempt to destroy Social Security and make paupers out of your grandparents, the failure of the Medicare Prescription Drug program and tax breaks for the richest, the Christian Faithful will return to the flock to support the inept and politically damaged president to stop gay marriage as if this were the most important issue facing the country.     
Well, guess what, most of us could care less! Most of us are more concerned about the illegal abuse of power and all the failures of the Christian In Chief!

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