George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Draft Dodging Dick Cheney's 5 Draft Deferments During Vietnam War

The Chief Advocate For Sending America's Sons and Daughters To Iraq Knowingly and Willingly Applied For And Received Five Deferments From The Draft During The Vietnam War!
Vice President Dick Cheney is another Bush Administration Hawk who likes to wave the flag and send Americans to war even though he did not have the courage to serve his country during the Vietnam War. 
According to Dick, he had "other priorities" while 350 or so of his peers were being killed each week while he avoided his service.
You can bet that the 58,000 plus members of the armed forces who died in Vietnam fighting for their country also had other priorities than being shot and killed in their teens and twenties. 
Maybe Dick should get in his Vice-Presidential Limo for the short two minute ride to the Vietnam Memorial not far from his office and take a look at "The Wall."  With a little ingenuity, he could probably track down the families of those who died and ask them if their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers had any "other priorities" during the Vietnam War. 
As everyone knows, many Bush Administration Officials have a similar excuse for avoiding their military service.
But lets not forget the Republican Senators who avoided Vietnam as well.  Top of the list Saxby Chambliss of Georgia.  Poor little Saxby was dying to go to Vietnam, but that darn trick knee kept him out. He just had to let the draft board know about it!
Just like he had to challenge decorated Vietnam Veteran Senator Max Cleland's patriotism.  Max lost both his legs in the service of his country in Vietnam and lost the election to Saxby "trick knee" Chambliss.  

NEWS FLASH - Several days ago, a Bush - Cheney '04 national campaign employee at  national headquarters was suprised to learn that Cheney had obtained five draft deferments from serving his country in Vietnam.  When asked if it was true, he referred all calls to the White House.
By now, maybe these staffers have learned the truth.  Give them a call at 703-647-2700 to see if they have.  If not, send a facsimilie of an article that details Cheney's sorry military record to 703-647-2993. I am sure they will appreciate the information.  

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