George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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George W's Christian America
Onward Christian Soldiers For W!
George W's Conservative Christian Agenda for a Right-Thinking America.
Did you know that the fish symbol seen on cars, etc. has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Pagan Great Mother Goddess?  It is the outline of her vulva. 


George W's Christian Army's Creed - Are You a George W Christian Soldier or Not?
Founding Principle 1 - Gay people are not entitled to the rights of all other Americans.
Founding Principle 2 - It is okay to massacre innocent Iraqi women and children since they are Muslims after all.
Founding Principle 3 - Iraqis held by US forces who are suspected of collaboration with the enemy as well as prisoners of war should not be afforded the protection of the Geneva Convention.  A George W Christian Soldier has the duty to subject them to sexual torture including sodomy until they recognize Jesus as their savior. Once converted, consult your latest orders from the Christian in Chief.
Founding Principle 4 - True believers who mirror George W's Christian Faith should refrain from killing other true believers.  All non-true believers are fair game.  
Founding Principle 5 - The U.S. Constitution is just a legal document created by men.  Many of these men were dangerous, radical revolutionaries like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Governeur Morris.  They wrongly believed that the people should govern themselves in a representative democracy.  As the enlightened know, there is no scripture that indicates that God delivered the Constitution to a holy person or that God approved of the actions of the American Radicals.  After all, didn't God try to eliminate the Continental Army at Valley Forge with a harsh winter? And didn't the Continental Army sinfully attack the British forces at Trenton on Christmas Day?
Absence such divine blessing, the Constitution can be ignored by the President  whenever  God's Law, the Holy Bible, applies.  
Founding Principle 6 - The true "Christian God" sanctioned the Crusades.  A President who is a "true believer" and who regularly speaks to God personally has been endowed by his creator with the right to wage war and kill any non-true believer. 
Founding Principle 7- It is alright to have paid for an illegal abortion that terminated an innocent life or to commit any other sin against God or nature so long as the sin brought you closer to God and you receive the Lord as your savior afterwards.
Founding Principle 8 - You can steal whatever you want as long as you are a CEO, President, Vice President, CFO, or Treasurer of a Fortune 500 Corporation.  However, if your theft exceeds $1,000,000, you must attend a Protestant Church Service the Sunday after your theft exceeds the $1,000,000 threshold. 
To ratify or "absolve" your theft, you must: 1. Attend the entire service and fully participate (hymn singing included); 2. Say the Lord's Prayer after all the others have left with the following amendment  "You have given me this week more than I deserve, yet I am greedy and I always need more. Please forgive my trespasses into the bank accounts of others and deliver me from the hands of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Because thine is the power and the glory forever, I will amend my will to increase my bequest to this Church by 10% of the amount stolen.  Amen.  
Founding Principle 9 - A George W. Christian has no obligation to help the needy or the poor, but has an absolute duty to help the greedy and the rich because the meek shall inherit the earth someday anyway.
Founding Principle 10 - You can lie to the American public as much or as little as you want provided you are a "true believer" and you are implementing God's Plan for the United States as explained by god.

"It was a God-drenched speech" noted Peggy Noonan on January 21, 2005 of the President's Address the previous day.