George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Republican Homosexual Pledge Page

A great idea from the Red Letter Response Team was posted recently.

The cornerstone of  President Bush's victory was his promise to get an Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage passed by the republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives so that the states could vote to ratify it.

Some Red State activists point out, however, that there are some republicans who are openly homosexuals or lesbians. For instance, those Log Cabin Republicans and Vice President Cheney's daughter are homosexuals (Lynne Cheney hates to admit it).  The Reds also aptly note that some of the most ardent gay-bashing members of Congress have turned out to be homos themselves like Phil Crane who had an attraction for young page boys! 

So we join with the Red Staters suggestion that all Republican Senators and Congresspersons take an oath with their hand on the bible to say that they have never been involved in homosexual activity of any kind.

We here at are helping our Red Stater Response Team prepare such an oath.  We also think that we should mail the oath complete with signature line to each republican congressperson with a self addressed stamped envelop so they can sign the oath and return it.  Maybe we can announce the results on C-Span!

Of course, one of the rumored republican homosexuals in the House of Representatives was the target of an "outing" in his local district, but the national media refuses to report on it or question the Congressman.  Seems to us that if the Christian Agenda and the sex life of presidents is so god damn newsworthy that they ought to pay a little attention to the sex lives of powerful Congressman like Republican Representative Drier of California who is rumored to live with his highly paid Chief Legislative Aide.   

What do you think?

Here is the draft oath that republicans should be willing to sign to address issue of homosexual infiltration of God's Party!

I, (name), am a republican (senator/representative) in the United States Congress that represents (state/district).

I am personally repulsed by homosexual activity of any kind as a true Republican.

I recognize that God in his infinite wisdom and the republican party condemns homosexual activity of any kind.

I have never engaged in any homosexual act or lusted after a member of my sex.

I have never fondled, caressed, petted or tongue-kissed a member of my sex.

I have never touched the genetalia of a member of my sex (we will leave this out of Billy Frist's pledge since he is a doctor).

I have never allowed a member of my sex to penetrate any orafice of my body with natural or unatural objects made of rubber, plastic or latex.



Sworn to this day of ---------.




Has your Republican Senator or Congressperson ever been engaged in homosexual acts? Isn't it your right to know?

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