George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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The Gonzales Torture Chamber


Attorney General Alberto "Torture Boy" Gonzales Page
The Attorney General is the highest ranking Law Enforcement Official of the United States.  He is sworn to uphold the Constitution and he is suppose to protect Americans, people living in America, and people in custody of America from being tortured by officers, soldiers or agents of the United States Government.  
The Attorney General has thousands of hardworking attorneys who have committed their lives to protecting the civil rights of all Americans and those in custody from police beatings, torture by government agents, lynchings, and redstaters in Texas whose idea of fun is to drag a human being chained to a to pick-up truck through the streets.  Yee Ha! 
But Alberto "Torture Boy" Gonzales doesn't care about Americans or humans.  According to Alberto, the Geneva Convention (which is part of US law) does not apply to anyone the Bushies think is a threat.  And hey, what's the big deal about some homo being dragged around Texas from a pick-up truck? 
Torture Boy's catholic religious upbringing provides great insight to his role of providing a legal justification for the United States to engage in organized torture of humans.  The church has been torturing humans that disagree with it  for centuries.  So why shouldn't  the evangelical Bush Adminstration?
 After all, why should the Pope have more godamn power than the President of the United States!  So, for the first time in Unied States history, Bush and Gonzales oked the use of torture! 
Nevermind that torture was expressly prohibited by Congress. Nevermind that the victims were only suspects.  Nevermind that sodomy is the crime of choice for Priests!

Torture for torture sake - we just have to show the American people that we are not weak but tough and willing to be depraved!

Skillful Lawyer - Torture Boy Gonzales also provided legal advice to U.S. personnel on how to avoid criminal prosecution for war crimes or violations of the anti-torture laws of the United States of America!  Bravo! Bravo!



LETS SHOW THOSE GAWD DAMN IRAQI SOBS WHAT I LEARNED IN CATHOLIC SCHOOL - BEND OVER AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.  Lets go beat another Iraqi shop owner sensless or sodomize him because he won't give us the information we want.

Torture Boy is our Attorney General!  As the NYT noted, Torture Boy's Policies allow U.S. Soldiers in Iraq to:
1. Grab suspected teenagers off the street and arrest them.
2. Make them dig a grave that they are told is for them.
3. Make them kneel in front of the grave.
4. Place a gun to their head.
5. And pull the trigger - click - surpise the jokes on you the gun is not loaded. Ha Ha Ha!
According to Gonzales, this is not "psychological torture" that violates the Geneva Convention nor the U.S. anti-torture laws.  I guess it is just good clean fun - Texass Style.

The Shameful Truth