George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Letter To Congress - Social Security

Do Not Let Bush Turn Social Security Into a Windfall For Wall Street!

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Dear Senator [insert name] or Representative [insert name]

I am very concerned about President Bush’s plans to privatize Social Security and change it from a trusted government-run insurance program to a privately-run investment program. The goal of a program to protect our seniors and the disabled should not be allowed to become yet another Republican scheme to enrich wealthy investors.

As we all know, investment programs contain higher risks than the current Social Security program. Talk to anyone of your constituents whose privately-run pension plan has failed. And talk to any taxpayer whose tax dollars have been used to bail out a privately-run pension plan. We do not need to play roulette with our retirement system.

In addition, we all can see through the President’s charade. There is no Social Security crisis. This is just another way to enrich the rich to whom this President and the Republican Congress have already given huge tax breaks. In essence, this is a wealth transfer. Bush and the Republicans want average, everyday, working Americans to be forced to invest in Wall Street at their peril while the investors reap profits from an influx of investment dollars.

In the past, Congress has made changes to protect Social Security for the benefit of all Americans. These changes have been responsibly made by a bi-partisan Congress. Simple changes like raising the upper salary limit on the payment into the Social Security program from $86,000 to $500,000 would solve the problem. Isn’t retaining the most successful program of the last 70 years by adequately funding it wise. Or do you and the Republicans want to be remembered as the dupes of a President acting on behalf of the investment crowd?

If you even consider the idea of applying the President’s proposal to "change the rules" on people born after 1950, you are breaking a fundamental promise made with the American people by the United States government. People born in 1950 are only ten years from retirement and many have relied on the promise of their government not to change the rules in the "middle of the game."

The issue of breaking a promise between the American people and its government is serious business. It is an issue of fundamental fairness that applies to anyone who has contributed to Social Security whether they are 55, 45, 35, or 25. Americans have trusted their government and the Social Security Administration for 70 years to adequately and fairly administer this program.

If you think Americans trust the private sector with their retirement money, think again. The private sector never has and never will be accountable to the American people. They are not adequately regulated to be trusted with the care of our elderly and disabled. And unlike you, they are not accountable to the public since they do not have to face the people for re-election.

In your response, I do not want evasion. I want to know:

1. Whether you will vote against any Bush Administration legislation that seeks to require private investment by Social Security contributors?

2. Whether you will vote against any legislation that seeks to "change the rules" for people born before 2005 or the effective date of the legislation that "reforms" Social Security?

3. Whether you will join with the Democrats to Save Social Security from President Bush?



[your name]

Is your Senator up for re-election in 2006?