George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Newsletter December 2004

Well, it is finally revealed.  After campaigning to reform Social Security without details of the reform, the true Bush Plan emerges.  While we  Bluestaters knew that "reform" meant operation "Privatize and Destroy Social Security," you Redstaters fell for another Bush Lie.
The Bush Administration has made it clear that it wants to destroy one of the most successful social programs in America history - Social Security.  The Bush propaganda machine is in high gear on this one.  The Bushies are already saying that Social Security is underfunded and will fail.   If you are a Redstater, you probably swallowed this one hook,line and sinker.  The truth is that the Social Security System is healthy and prepared to meet its needs through 2052.  A small increase of Social Security taxes for those earning more than $86,000 would save Social Security for well into the next century. 

Maybe You Have Noticed The Pro-Bush Ads That Pop-up On This Site


If you have noticed the Pro-Bush Propaganda Sites that pop-up on this page, just remember that the Bush Propaganda Machine never rests! 
The Republican National Committee, wealthy republicans and other facists groups use their money and internet abuse tactics to place ads on any site that criticizes their fearless draft dodging leaders.  If any of these efforts were government sponsored and paid for with your tax dollars, we would not be surprised at all!
Don't foget Bush wasted in excess of $50 million dollars in tax money to campaign while pretending to be president!
We suggest that you send emails listing the abuses of the W and his short-sighted followers to the Pro-Bush Propaganda sites. Or just log on to their site and let them know how you feel about their attempts to attack the rights of average Americans and ask them if they support Facism in America!
This month, it seems that the RNC is particularly worried about what we have to say so email them directly at  Contact them and ask them why they have a problem when people voice opinions different than theirs.  Remind them that this not Nazi Germany but that this is America!
We promised to post any response they had to any of your leter, but they have yet to respond. No guts, No glory!

These are the times that try men's souls!