George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Shiavo:Bush/God Rift?

Republicans Concerned That Bush May Not Be God's Representative on Earth! 
As we all know, Bush and his Republican Christian Soldiers Billy Frist (Senate Majority Leader and Republican Candidate for President in 2008)  and Tom Delay (who pulled the plug on his own dad and may soon be indicted) ineptly tried to save the life of Terri Shiavo.  They rammed through emergency legislation, after the feeding tube was removed (why not before?), not designed to save her life but to push the issue to the federal courts.  Why didn't they pass a law to reinsert the tube?  Are they idiots or just imcompetent or did God himself promise Georgie not to worry because God would intervene? of course, the Christian-in-Chief signed the lackluster bill rather than do anything that might have actually saved Terri.
The idiot Tom Delay obviously didn't understand the law he sponsored. In an interview with Brit Hume of the Fox Network on March 30, 2005, he said
"The United States Congress, with the president's signing, sent a bill — made a law that gave the federal courts jurisdiction to look at this case all anew. And they didn't even follow procedures.  The normal procedure would be to reconnect the feeding tube so that they could hear this case all anew. The Congress, the people's representatives told the judiciary to do that. We need to look at all this."
Wrong Tom! Your bill could have made the federal judiciary insert the feeding tube, but that is not the law you made and the one your fellow idiot Texan signed!  How could you  and W be so stupid when a person's life was at stake?
Terri has now died.  God did not intervene even though a miracle would have gone along way into revitalizing Christianity and would have confirmed that Bush is indeed his chosen leader of the American people.
What does God's failure to intervene mean?
That God wanted Terri to die and that W tried to dis God by hoping the federal courts would rule in Bush's favor.
Georgie is not God's representative on earth because God would have intervened after he learned that W and the Republicans did not pass a law that would actually help Terri .
Georgie has lied about his direct hotline to the God.
God and George have had a falling out.  Good Christians like us must believe that Georgie contacted God directly on the case.  If Georgie does speak to God, God must have told Georgie to let her die.  If this is so, George directly disobeyed God and told Tom Delay and Bill Frist to disobey God!  Did George disobey God by seeking to keep Terri alive?
We must assume that it was God's will that Terri not survive becasue God is never wrong! 

W's delusional remarks and the Bible.  

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