George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Flag Letter

Ask Your Senator To Explain Why the Flag Protection Act Is a "Good Thing"

Dear Senator ____

I find it troubling that with all the issues facing the United States that the Republican Senate is so concerned about voting on an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the U.S. Flag.

My question to you is whether you can explain why the flag amendment is more important than developing a realistic plan for getting our soldiers out of Iraq and returning Iraq to the Iraqis, demanding that the Bush Administration finally come clean about how much this war is going to cost the American people above the $400 billion it has already cost, the price of gasoline, our inability five years after 9/11 to protect our own citizens, and Social Security.

I would also like you to explain why the flag amendment is more important that the amendment to ban gay marriages which seemed to be the Republicans top priority among amendments last election cycle or the amendment promised more than 25 years ago to ban abortion. For that matter, wouldn’t be more important to amend the Constitution to count every American’s vote for President and do away with the Electoral College?

Could you please explain in writing why it is so important to have this amendment now even though you Republicans last used it politically to elect George’s daddy in the 1988 election?

And can you explain why the Congress of the United States has nothing better to do?



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