George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Bush Mob Attacks Peace Mom


W is for WIMP.  The man who has sent thousands to their deaths is afraid of meeting with one 48 year-old woman from California whose son was killed during Bush/Cheney's illegal war.   Cindy Sheenan, American as Apple Pie, is camped out near the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas.  The Police moved her from in front of the Bush ranch entrance to a location FIVE MILES UP THE ROAD! 
Sound familiar? That's right, nobody can exercise their First Amendment Rights these days unless they are out of the President's earshot or the camera shot!  What Constitution?
Truth is, the mother who is dangerously armed with her cellphone is too much for W.  All she wants to do is speak directly with the President about the war.  Bush, who himself avoided service in the Vietnam War, refuses to meet with her.  How poetic.  The draft dodger that insists on sending our young men and women to die in Iraq refuses to meet with the mother of someone who honorably served and died in the war W started.  In BUSHWORLD this is perfectly logical.
Bush Mob Attacks Peace Mom!
Apparently, W is not alone in is hatred of constitutional freedoms here at home.  Bush's neighbor came to the edge of his property on Sunday morning (amen) and fired his shotgun into the air.   The Sheriff Larry Lynch refused to arrest the man because he has a right to shoot his gun on his property and did not "threaten" anyone.  The threat point seems a little shakey there Sheriff. You can contact the Sherrif at 254-757-5110 by phone or send him a fax at 254-757-5091.  Maybe he can explain the fine legal point of what is or is not a threat. If busy, you can also reach Sheriff Lynch at the McLennan County offices at 254-757-5000.
The shooter Larry Mattlage of Crawford said he was getting ready for "dove season."  Was that doves as in peace activists? I'm sure he would be glad to answer your question and you can ask him directly at 254-486-2350 or send him a note at Larry Mattlage, Crawford, Texas, 76638.
Other right thinking residents of McLennan county include the "resident" who veered off the road near the protesters to run over 100 of the 500 cross memorials for our fallen troops in Iraq.  What else do you expect from supporters of a draft dodger. Sheriff Lynch decided maybe he ought to arrest this one. Maybe McLennan county will prosecute this threat. 
McLennan County's GOP is proud to be home of the President , let Chairman Taylor know how proud you are too at 254-772-6955!
Like we said, W is for WIMP and so are his neighbors.

Cheney and Bush avoided the draft!

Why are no Bush kinfolk in Iraq?