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Don Juan Priests?


The Priest with the Mostest!
In case you were reading your bible or ranting about the immorality of the fornicating masses and all them damn homosexuals......
A Monsignor, a priest, the right-wing gay-bashing rector of world-famous St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York has resigned because of the public allegations that he has had carnal knowledge of his leggy secretary for years.  The 79 year-old Priest and the 46 year-old mother of two are apparently purrfect together!
Pictured above, Lovely Laura  De Filippo and Priest Eugene Clark are shown entering a motel room in the Hampty Hamps to get some rest in the middle of the day!  The Daily News reports that  Father Gene and Laura entered the hotel room in the Hampton's and emerged five hours later with heads bowed and different clothes inclding Laura's sexy short shorts! Oh la la! The Priest denies any impropriety. And Laura is mum about the five hours spent behind closed doors with Father Gene. 
Of course, the Priest has denied having a sexual relationship with Laura.   Never mind that the pair has traveled in Europe extensively and spends devotional time together in his 2 million dollar estate in posh Amagansett. 
What is a servant of the church doing with an estate in the Hampton's worth 2 million dollars? Using the jacuzzi apparently!  Laura's teen daughter alleges in a sworn affidavit that she saw mom clad only in a teddy (baby doll nightie) sitting on the Priest Gene's lap  in the Jacuzzi!
Laura's 14 year-old daughter has allegedly also seen "mom" and his "holiness" "making out" with mom stripped to her bra!  Whether he gave her the tongue is unknown.
Which leads us to the game show portion of this page!
If all this is true,  how many sins has the Priest committed?
1. Adultery?
2. Fornication?
3. Sodomy?
4. Lying?

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