George W. Bush - Christian in Chief - The Legacy of an American Failure

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Invade Cuba Now!

Message to W: RED Staters Want To Invade Cuba Now
Republican Miami Cubans Call ON President To Act
Republican Cubans in Miami are confused.

W, George W, Regan, Ford, and Nixon for years have promising to do something about that pesky Castro.  They have played the Cubans in Miami in election after election.  But they haven't done a damn thing to get rid of Castro.  Now, they are allowing Castro to be treated by US physicians on US soil to prolong his life.  What the heck is going on? 

Cuban Americans have had enough and want the republicans to put up or shut up.  Here is their plan:

First: Castro is in the United States. Now that he is here, W should seize him as an enemy combatant. He should be sent to Guitmo and tortured until he is dead. The real Cubans will be enraged and attack Guantanamo.

Second: Get Mel Martinez and Jeb to rally the "freedom fighters" in Miami. Mel should resign from the Senate and should take charge of the invasion force of Miami Cubans.

Third: Jeb should resign as governor of Florida and renounce his US citizenship in preparation of his installation as the first neocon President of the new Cuba.

Fourth: Get the Cuban money men to buy weapons and boats from the United States (at a discount of course) to deliver the hundreds of thousands of US Cubans to the shores of Cuba ready to fight.

Fifth, wait until the real Cubans invade Guantanamo to recapture their beloved Castro.

Sixth: The Miami Cuban Forces should invade as soon as the  the real Cubans fall for the diversion and attmept to seize Castro from Guitmo.  Once the real Cubans realize that Castro has been tortured to death, panic and fear will spread throughout the country.

Seventh: Miami Cubans Forces should seize Havana and  establish a military rule under Mel Martinez.

Eighth: Stage a free election where Jeb will be unopposed and elected as Cuba's first president. God be praised.

Ninth: Repatriate the country with every single Cuban from Miami.

Tenth: Negotiate with the major crime families to ensure tha t Cuba will be restored to its pre-Castro corruption.


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